Catnap is home to a bunch of awesome, adorable, quirky and funny cats. Have a wee read about them below, then when you pop in to meet them you'll be able to wow everyone with your top-notch Catnap knowledge!



Bobby is an independent but curious and friendly cat who likes to observe what everyone is doing from afar. Like his sister Gizmo, Bobby has a congenital deficiency in his back legs which makes them look a bit short and stumpy. Although this means he is not very good at jumping, he is great at climbing and loves to run around and chase things. You'll usually find him asleep at the top of one of our towers or basking in the sun on his back. His condition does mean he needs to be an indoor cat but as long as he has lots of space to run around he’s happy!


Gizmo is a friendly girl who loves a good chin scratch! Like her brother Bobby, she was born with a congenital deficiency in her legs with some hip dysplasia so you’ll notice she looks very bow legged from behind! Because of this she is not very good at jumping but she loves to climb and play just like any other cat. She loves meeting new people and giving everyone some good smooches. Her condition means she needs to be an indoor cat but she is very content with that. (Although you will often see her trying to escape into the cafe area!)


Oscar is a very special wee boy. He was born with a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia which affects his fine motor skills and coordination. It also causes intention tremors so he gets pretty shaky when he's trying to focus on things like playing and eating. As well as this, he has an unknown genetic condition which has affected his growth so he's a pretty little kitty. He gives adorable delicate smooches and he loves a good snuggle, either on a warm lap or with his brother Leo. This little cutie will melt your heart!


Leo is extremely energetic and cheeky! He loves to play and you will often see him tearing around the room at high speed or climbing into someone's handbag. He is also a massive food fiend so watch him around your snacks and drinks! He sure does keep us on our toes but once he tires himself out there’s not much that will rouse him! When he’s not being a crazy menace, he is always keen to cuddle up with the other cats on the couch.


Susie is a super cute little kitty with a lovely friendly nature. She’s very smoochy and affectionate, and loves to climb up onto your knee to smooch your face. She adores company and attention, and is always eager for cuddles and pats. She is energetic and playful and once you get her going, it may be awhile before she tires herself out!


Henry is really quite the charmer! He’s a big sweetie who loves to give adorable head boops and face smooches. Well known for picking a favourite person and sitting on their lap for the whole hour, he’s just as likely to perk up and play like a wee kitten. He’s very relaxed and laid back and is super loving and gentle with our other cats!


Holmes is an absolute star! He’s an affectionate cutie who loves attention and pats. He will often jump up on his back legs for smooches if you hold your hand above him. Full of energy and very playful, he loves making new friends and is always the first one to greet us when we arrive at the cafe each day. He also likes to nibble on fingers affectionately and occasionally even on the nose!


Jellybean is a very pretty kitty and she knows it! She is super affectionate, loves pats and snuggles and she is very happy to be around people. If you don’t give her enough attention she will stare at you with her big wide eyes until you give her some pats. She is very curious and loves to know what’s going on, is super playful and just an all-round amazing adorable kitty! We don’t know how anyone could resist her smooshy little face!


Bert was pretty shy when he first came to Catnap but he’s grown into a very friendly and confident kitty! He is very playful and loves to chase anything that moves but you’ll just as often find him snuggling up with his brother Ernie. He is super cute and even though you might have to win his trust before he gives you cuddles, it’s totally worth the wait!


Ernie is a friendly puss who loves to play and climb! He’s very affectionate and his striking green eyes will win anyone over. He has the squeakiest meow and is often seen showing off his adorable wee “vampire fangs”. He loves to snuggle up for some quality naps with his brother Bert and if you’re lucky he might even curl up for a wee sleep on your lap or chest!


Willow is a wee sweetie with beautiful green eyes and a lovely nature. She has recently had one of her back legs amputated after being hit by a car but she is undaunted and adapting very well to life as a three legged cat. She can be a wee bit shy but is friendly and also quite inquisitive. She is playful when the mood strikes but most often prefers to stretch out on the couch and enjoy a good belly rub!


At eight years old, Margot is currently the oldest cat at Catnap but you wouldn’t pick her as a senior cat! She was super quick to adjust to her new environment, is always up and about making new friends, loves people and gets on extremely well with other cats. She is very friendly and smoochy and combined with a tendency to be a bit dribbly, this does mean you might get a little bit slobbered on during a cuddle session with Margot. Once you see how eager she is to be loved and patted though, we’re sure you won’t mind!


Archie is a super chill wee guy who is a bit more independent than his brothers. He loves a good solo adventure and you’ll often find him climbing all over our cat towers or at the top having a cat nap! He loves to be up high and has been known to sit on people’s shoulders.


Mazlow is an intrepid kitty who likes to explore his surroundings and make new friends. He’s very playful and doesn’t sit still for long, often up and about chasing toys or in search of pats. His eyes give him a bit of a perpetual sad expression but his perky personality shows that he’s far from it!


Theo is an outgoing and adventurous kitten who loves shoelaces and climbing up people’s legs. He is very friendly and it only takes one pat to get him purring. He’s a bit of a noisy boy and if he wants something he’ll let you know!