Catnap is a temporary home for a bunch of awesome, adorable, adoptable cats. Have a wee read about them below, then when you pop in to meet them you'll be able to wow everyone with your top-notch Catnap knowledge!



Adoption Pending

Willow is a wee sweetie with beautiful green eyes and a lovely nature. She has recently had one of her back legs amputated after being hit by a car but she is undaunted and adapting very well to life as a three legged cat. She can be a wee bit shy but is friendly and also quite inquisitive. She is playful when the mood strikes but most often prefers to stretch out on the couch and enjoy a good belly rub!


Available Soon - taking applications

At eight years old, Margot is currently the oldest cat at Catnap but you wouldn’t pick her as a senior cat! She was super quick to adjust to her new environment, is always up and about making new friends, loves people and gets on extremely well with other cats. She is very friendly and smoochy and combined with a tendency to be a bit dribbly, this does mean you might get a little bit slobbered on during a cuddle session with Margot. Once you see how eager she is to be loved and patted though, we’re sure you won’t mind!


Available Soon - taking applications

Jasper is a cheeky, confident kitten with a big personality! One minute, he’s darting around the room getting into mischief and the next he’s splayed out on the couch enjoying some belly rubs and purring happily. He is often content to entertain himself much to the amusement of anyone watching!


Available Soon - taking applications

Matilda is a sweet, smoochy kitten with a loving, gentle nature. She absolutely adores attention and is very happy to be patted. She is very playful when the mood strikes but just as often likes to snuggle up and take a nap on a warm lap!


Available Soon - taking applications

Larry is a laidback cutie who is always keen for snuggles and pats. He’s very playful but also quite fond of food as you can see by his squishy wee belly!


Available Soon - applications closed

Olive is a charming and curious kitty. She can be a little bit shy if there are lots of people around but she is very friendly and affectionate. She is very snuggly and it’s pretty hard to resist falling in love with her when she looks at you with her big golden brown eyes!  


Available Soon - applications closed

Sebastian is an absolute sweetie! He’s a pretty adventurous little guy but also just a tad clumsy! He’s very sociable and loves making new friends. Just try to resist booping him on his adorable little grey nose!


Available Soon - applications closed

This adorable little guy is very sweet and gentle. He loves to play and is particularly fond of tunnels and anything that rolls along the ground. He can be a little bit shy but he loves attention and will meow if he’s not getting enough of it. If you’re lucky he might even curl up next to you for a snuggle or sit on your lap! He would like to be adopted with his sister Fleur.


Available Soon - applications closed

This cute little ball of fluff is playful and inquisitive. She is a little shy but friendly and she gives delicate little smooches which are pretty darned adorable! Because of her face structure she gets weepy eyes so they do need to be cleaned regularly. She is looking for a home with her brother Charlie as they love to cuddle and and play together. 


Available Soon - taking applications

Remus is a lovely kitten with beautiful amber eyes and adorable floofy ears. He can be shy at first but he’s friendly and once he trusts you he is quite affectionate and has a nice loud purr. He’s very energetic and playful and you will often see him running around and playing with his sister Freya.


Available Soon - taking applications

Freya is a little acrobat! She loves to play and does some pretty awesome flips and jumps if you get her going with a toy. She is a little shy and takes a bit of time to warm up to new people but once she feels comfortable she is very sweet. She usually sticks pretty close to her brother Remus but she is the more adventurous of the two.