Cat Rescue Christchurch

Cat Rescue Christchurch is a rescue organisation which focuses on reducing the stray cat overpopulation in Christchurch by using the trap-neuter-return (TNR) method and promoting early de-sexing.

Stray kittens who are young enough to be socialised are de-sexed and placed into foster care with one of their amazing volunteers until they are ready for adoption. We are working alongside Cat Rescue to help find homes for these very special kitties!


Orijen supply us with all of the food we need to keep our cats well nourished and healthy! Orijen pet foods are high protein and grain free as well as super tasty - or so we assume based on how excited the cats get at dinner time!

They also supply us with World’s Best Cat Litter which really is the best cat litter we’ve ever used and makes our job so much easier!

We have Orijen and Acana as well as World’s Best Cat Litter available to purchase in the cafe and our cat adoption packs also include a sample of Orijen pet food for you to try!


Underground Coffee supply us with the finest coffee beans from around the world, hot air roasted to perfection at their headquarters right here in Christchurch!

After getting in touch with us during our Kickstarter campaign we learnt that they are a company of cat lovers - coffee and cats - it sounded like a perfect match to us!