These are the cats who have found their forever homes through Catnap.



Adopted 19/1/19

Jellybean is a very pretty kitty and she knows it! She is super affectionate, loves pats and snuggles and she is very happy to be around people. If you don’t give her enough attention she will stare at you with her big wide eyes until you give her some pats. She is very curious and loves to know what’s going on, is super playful and just an all-round amazing adorable kitty! We don’t know how anyone could resist her smooshy little face!


Adopted 6/1/19

Bert was pretty shy when he first came to Catnap but he’s grown into a very friendly and confident kitty! He is very playful and loves to chase anything that moves but you’ll just as often find him snuggling up with his brother Ernie.


Adopted 6/1/19

Ernie is a friendly puss who loves to play and climb! He’s very affectionate and his striking green eyes will win anyone over. He has the squeakiest meow and is often seen showing off his adorable wee “vampire fangs”. He loves to snuggle up for some quality naps with his brother Bert and sometimes a wee sleep on your lap or chest!


Adopted 10/12/18

Britney is a big adorable snuggly ball of fluff! She loves finding a warm lap to snuggle up on and if you are her chosen lap, you may be stuck in one place for quite some time! She can be a wee bit shy at first but warms up pretty quickly. She’s a very relaxed kitty, quite happy to spend most of her time cuddling!


Adopted 13/11/18

Pixie came to us all the way from Street Cats South Canterbury in Timaru as she was struggling to find a home. It’s hard to believe as she is extremely affectionate and friendly and will often smooch herself right over! She has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia so she is a bit wobbly and has a very unique and adorable walk which makes her look like she’s marching!