Cat Area Rules

To make sure our cats are happy, healthy and relaxed, as well as to make sure other customers are having an enjoyable experience, we require everyone who enters the cat area to abide by the below rules.

  1. Do not pick up, hold or carry the cats. You may, however, gently move them away from food and drinks.

  2. If a cat is sleeping, or otherwise looks like it wishes to be left alone, leave them be. Cats need a lot of sleep as part of their natural lifestyle, please do not pat, make loud noises or try to play with a sleeping cat. Similarly, if a cat walks away from you please let them do so, do not follow or force them to stay.

  3. Speak quietly and avoid making loud noises or moving around loudly. Please no yelling/squealing/etc, this scares the cats. If children are making too much noise we ask that they are brought out to the cafe (or outside if especially loud) until they quieten down. No running or stomping and watch out for cats underfoot!

  4. Children under 14 must be actively supervised by a parent or caregiver. Please do not leave small children unattended at any time.

  5. Be patient and let the cats come to you.

  6. Be gentle and respectful, please pat all cats nicely. No tail pulling, chasing or forcing cats to cuddle you if they don’t want to.

  7. You must not allow our cats to eat or drink anything you bring in to the cat area. Our cats are well fed, even though they may try to convince you otherwise! You may take food purchased from our cafe into the cat area but please keep an eye on it too as they can be sneaky! Food and drink not purchased at the cafe may not be brought into the cat area.

  8. We encourage you to take photos of our adorable kitties but no flash please, it hurts their eyes. We'd love you to share your pics on social media, #catnapcafe!

  9. Use the hand sanitizer provided to clean your hands before and after being with the cats.

  10. We have plenty of cats, so please leave yours at home!