Where are you located?

We're not open just yet but we will be located down the Sydenham end of Colombo Street in Christchurch. We'll be announcing the exact location a little closer to opening.


When will you be open?

We are aiming to open around mid July 2018.


Are you Hiring Staff?

Not yet but we will be hiring two staff members very soon, one part-time and one full-time.


Will there be a charge to enter the cat area?

Yep! We need to do this to be able to cover the extra costs of caring for the cats. There is no charge to enter the cafe area however, so you are welcome to just pop in for a coffee!


Will I be able to adopt a cat from the café?

Yes! Most of our cats will be available for adoption via Cat Rescue.


Can i just turn up or will i need to book?

As we have a limit on the number of people in the cat room at any time (so the cats don't become overwhelmed) we do recommend booking or at least calling ahead before you come if you want to go into the cat area. However, walk-ins will be welcome as long as we have space, which is quite likely during weekdays but not so likely on weekends.


What kind of food will you have?

We won't have a full service kitchen but we will have a delicious range of vegetarian cabinet food with lots of vegan and gluten free options. As well as coffee and other hot and cold drinks of course!


Can I bring my own cat to the café?

As much as we would love that, the cats probably wouldn't be too keen, so please just bring yourself and all of your people friends.


Where will you get your cats from?

All of our cats and kittens will come from Cat Rescue Christchurch.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch!